Quality Over Quantity

We Do It Right The First Time

We’ve all run into real estate agents who seem to always be in a hurry. They can’t stop and take the time to make sure your needs are being met because they’re afraid they’ll miss out on that next big deal. At Supreme Realty, we think buying or selling a home should be a careful, deliberate process that meets all your needs, not done so quickly that you don’t know what happened.

We use a unique, multifaceted approach to ensure that our customers are put first, no matter what. When we opened nearly 30 years ago, we believed in providing quality customer service to meet your family’s needs, and we still do today. We’re your realtor yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Selling Your Home?

Explore Your Options With Us

We know there are many reasons why you need to sell your home, and some of them can be very complicated. That’s why we discuss your options before having you sign any paperwork – we want you to be able to make the best choice for your family. Whether you’re moving across town, out of state, across the country or around the world, we’ll take care of you.

Buying a New Home?

Rest Assured In Our Services

We know that buying a home can be a truly nerve wracking experience. Whether you’re looking for your first home or are downsizing because of an empty nest, we can help you find the perfect home. Do you need to step up to an executive-level luxury home? Want a quiet place in the woods to reflect during your retirement? Our access to a variety of databases ensures you’ll be happy with your options.

We also believe in small town values and honesty. If the basement always leaks after a hard rain, we’ll tell you. We won’t tell you the roof is new when it’s ten years old. You’ll get more than you expect with exceptional service.

we walk with you hand in hand

because we’ve been there

Supreme Realty was born after 15 years of experience in the real estate industry.  It was established with the help of my wife and children; and, we began by serving neighbors and friends–one home at a time.

As a family that began as renters, we know and understand real family situations.  Having experienced the role of both renter and landlord, we know the ins and outs of home ownership and of investing in the real estate market.
We have known and represented individuals like you and families like your own—families that have referred us to their own friends and family.

We take special care to provide quality service.

We welcome the opportunity to utilize our skills and experience to help you achieve your real estate goals.


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